Author: Jeff Kinley and Pastor Mark Hitchcock
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The Coming Apostasy

Are We On the Verge of a Great Apostasy in the Church?

by Jeff Kinley and Pastor Mark Hitchcock

A time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching (II Timothy 4:3).

The Bible warns us that the last days will be tumultuous. In our age the world seems to be spinning out of control, creating fear, confusion and uncertainty. In addition to violence, pestilence, and epidemics, the Bible predicts a great “falling away” from God in the end times. Bible teachers call it “the great apostasy.” Are we seeing evidence today in the church of this massive rejection of sound teaching?

Best-selling authors, Jeff Kinley and Mark Hitchcock, team up to examine alarming trends from the false teachers of our time. Are today’s teachers simply telling people what they want to hear, as the Bible clearly predicts? The great apostasy is coming, but is it closer than we imagine? Let Jeff and Mark be your steady guides to the difficult days ahead.


  1. God and Ghost Ships
  2. The Fifth Column
  3. Faith of Our Fathers
  4. Culture of Compromise
  5. When Tolerance is Intolerable
  6. Moral Freefall
  7. The Watershed Moment For the Church
  8. Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?
  9. Acts of the Apostates
  10. Surviving the Last Days of Apostasy

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Jeff Kinley and Pastor Mark Hitchcock

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