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Israel in Bible Prophecy: Past, Present & Future

by David R. Reagan

Dr. David Reagan presents an overview of Bible prophecy concerning the Jewish people. He shows how four prophecies were fulfilled before the beginning of the 20th century and how seven others were fulfilled in whole or in part during the process of that century. He then presents the myriad of prophecies that are yet to be fulfilled between now and the end of the Lord’s millennial reign.

He concludes the book by explaining how the fulfillment of God’s promises to the Jewish people are relevant to Christians today and how they should serve as a source of great encouragement.

God’s love for the Jewish people is clearly demonstrated in the chronicle of His faithfulness in fulfilling the promises contained in the prophecies. They were given to them through their own prophets. It is a story of God’s amazing grace and that is why it is so important to the church.

Tragically, for the last 2,000 years, the Church at large, even today, has taken the position that because of the unfaithfulness of the Jewish people to God’s call on their lives to be a witness to Him, He has disinherited them, cancelled their promises to them, and nullified His prophecies concerning them. This is called Replacement Theology, an abhorrent theology that is just not biblical. God’s relationship with Israel is a demonstration of His grace—a manifestation of His unmerited love.

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David R. Reagan

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