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Author: Ken Johnson
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Pages: 140
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ISBN-13: 9781484905586
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Using only the Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, the writings of the ancient rabbis, and the writings of the ancient church fathers, this book puts together the history of the creation of the angelic beings, the fall of Lucifer and his angels, the fall of Azazel, and the fall of Samyaza and his angels. Learn the history of the Nephilim (giants) both pre-flood and post-flood. Find details of many angels, demons, and nephilim in the dictionary at the back of the book. Even find out the exact location on earth of the fallen angel Azazel.

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4 reviews for Fallen Angels
Ken Johnson

  1. AC

    Everything you need to know about fallen angels and how they fell and what they did to the world before and after the flood. Understanding this will open up new things to you in the Bible.

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  2. TR

    Ken is at it again! Great book Ken. I have read every book Ken has ever written. You might say I am a fan of his. He writes the truth like no one can. He is thorough in his research, he gives references to his readers where he received his information and he only sticks to biblical truths.

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  3. Paul Weston

    A carefully referenced summary of the biblical, ancient Hebrew, Canaanite, and other records concerning angels (as per title, principally fallen).

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  4. Arthur McGinley

    This is an interesting compilation from a variety of sources on angels, fallen or otherwise. Interestingly enough the emphasis is not on the Nephilim which are the ones most people think about then they think of Fallen Angels. The book seems to be thoroughly researched.

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