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Author: Ken Johnson
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This book compares Christianity with the false religions of the world today based on the accuracy of fulfilled Bible prophecy. No other religion has used prophecy fulfilled in our lifetime to prove its authority, except the Bible. With more than fifty prophecies fulfilled since AD 1948 and Jesus’ teaching that He is the only way to salvation, we can conclude we must be a Christian to gain eternal life. Jesus declares you must follow His teachings in order to obtain eternal life. Among these teachings is the fact that Jesus is God incarnate, the second person of the Trinity. Numerous church fathers’ quotes dating back to the first century AD show this fact as well, and the ancient church defined a cult as a group claiming to be Christian but denying the Trinity. Listing over one hundred cults and numerous subgroups, this book shows that virtually all of them are non-trinitarians. A detailed, yet simple, study on the Trinity will enable you to witness to all the cults using only this one doctrine.

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Ken Johnson

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