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Author: Bill Laughing-Bear
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Sometimes the seeds of a dream are sown in a previous generation. Thus it was for one 39-year-old man whose dad had long entertained the idea of living in the wilderness of Alaska. Even though his own dream was never fulfilled, the seeds were planted, germinating in the life of his son, to ultimately grow into the reality of their shared dream.

Brown bears, moose, caribou, wolves, fox, beavers, ermines, snowshoe hares, eagles, ravens, Northern Lights, sub-zero weather, fishing, hunting, earthquakes, forest fires, log cabins, mushing, meeting some of the most fascinating people in the world and much more awaited Laughing-Bear after he landed in Fairbanks, Alaska on September 9th, 2002.

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4 reviews for An Alaskan Adventure: Tales Of A Musher
Bill Laughing-Bear

  1. Gary Griffiths

    Highly anticipated, and highly rewarding.
    If you think the age of adventures is over – you are wrong, Pilgrim.
    As a long-time FOB (friend of Bill) I knew some of his tales, but I was repeatedly surprised by the things he experienced.
    The book is a clear reflection of the author: thoughtful, good-natured, and very funny. It’s a page-turner, and I hope there will be many more pages of Bill’s adventures.

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  2. Terry James

    An amusing, insightful and heart warming tale of adventures encountered while living in remote areas of Alaska. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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  3. Maryanne Sakai-James

    Bill Laughing Bear’s style of writing is so vivid in imagery that you almost feel like you are there experiencing his adventures with him. His descriptions and scientific naming of the animals he encounters are very useful if one wants to be able to research one further on their own. Bill shows us that with determination, an open mind and a belief and trust in the Almighty, one can do anything. Very entertaining AND educational. We look forward to him writing more books about his life and adventures as a citizen of Alaska.

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  4. Lavera Newsome

    What a story! What a fun read! I am going to use this book as a teaching aid for my home schooled children because there is a LOT of excellent information woven into this book!

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